DGCA proposes amending “Civil Aviation Requirement” for aircraft registration and de-registration


  • Recently, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) released a draft related to amend certain Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) for aircrafts in GIFT City.
  • The DGCA is proposing to amend its Civil Aviation Requirements dealing with registration and de-registration of aircraft to further enhance and promote leasing through GIFT City.


  • The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is a statutory body of the Government of India to regulate civil aviation in India.
  • Its functions include:
  1. registration of civil aircraft
  2. regulation of air transport services to/ from/ within India and
  3. enforcement of civil air regulations
  4. development and enforcement of air safety, and airworthiness standards.
  • The Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) are issued by the DGCA and contains the minimum airworthiness and operational requirements and also the procedural requirements for grant of an NSOP.


  • Aircraft Leasing Company- GIFT City:
  • It is the leasing companies/entities registered with International Financial Service Centre(IFSC) and approved by International Financial Service Centre Authority (IFSCA) for undertaking leasing of aircraft.
  • Exemption on Import permission:
  • An exemption for GIFT Lessors from requiring import permission or permission for local acquisition of aircraft on lease.
  • GIFT Lessor as “operator”:
  • If a leasing company approved by IFSCA or GIFT Lessor repossesses the aircraft due to expiry or termination of lease, the aircraft may be registered in the name of the Gift City based lessor as the “operator”.
  • Function of “operator”:
  • The aircraft registered with the GIFT Lessor as the “operator” shall only be allowed to operate maintenance check flights or demo flights, that too only after issuance of a special flight permit issued by the DGCA.
  • The sole purpose of such registration shall be for preservation and maintenance of aircraft and such maintenance shall be carried out if the Gift Lessor has its own CAMO/CAR 145 or has an arrangement with a DGCA approved CAMO/CAR 145 organisation.
  • The GIFT Lessor shall be prohibited from operating the aircraft for any revenue or commercial purpose.


  • With the aim of developing a robust and indigenous leasing and financing structure, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is proposing to amend its “CAR” dealing with registration and de-registration of aircraft of GIFT City.
  • These amendments to “CAR” will enhance and promote leasing the aircraft from GIFT City.


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