ADI brings together a team of seasoned professionals who understand the inherent nuances of IFSC jurisdiction which is continuously evolving and dynamic. We serve a wide range of clients from small and mid-market entities to large multinational groups, providing them with user-friendly, practical solutions that lower their risks and maximise their opportunities. We make sure that our clients remain fully compliant with the applicable tax laws of GIFT City (IFSC), while also taking advantage of the full range of tax benefits available.



ADI with its deep technical expertise provides a full range of company formation support. ​​
We handhold clients to incorporate companies in GIFT IFSC. So whether you're an existing business or a professional adviser acting on behalf of your client, our extensive experience ensures your company formation process is seamless.​
Setting up new ventures can be a time-consuming, costly and frustrating experience, especially in a regulatory environment that changes so rapidly.
So whether you’re launching a company, creating a foundation or setting up a fund or Special Purpose Vehicle, you can feel secure that everything is being built for the long-term, right from the start. ​
Once you’ve established your new venture, we can offer ongoing assistance to ensure it reaches its full potential.
SPV’s help securitise assets, create joint ventures, isolate corporate assets, or perform other financial transactions. They may be designed for independent ownership, management and funding purposes.
At ADI, we have extensive experience of establishing and administering SPVs in a wide range of sectors – helping clients hold assets and private equity clients structure their investments.​
Beyond the initial establishment of SPVs, we can deliver a suite of related services to administer them – forming legal entities, opening bank accounts, and providing company secretarial, directorship and fiduciary services, and book-keeping and financial statements.
GIFT, IFSC offers a host of benefits to Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) carrying out investment activities from GIFT.
We offer comprehensive administrative support to help you launch your fund.
We work closely with you and your tax & legal teams to advise on a suitable structure.
We then manage a range of procedures in preparation for the formation of AIF, including establishing fund vehicles and SPVs, and liasoning with regulators.
Setting up your business in a new jurisdiction can be expensive and time-consuming.
Even something as fundamental as finding office space can be a challenge.
We'll support you by providing you complete support for identification and leasing arrangement for office space, customised to your requirements and budget.
We deliver a personal service that goes beyond office space itself, including the provision of the facilities you need to manage, maintain and operate business – including the set up and handling of dedicated phone, fax and email, storage of documents and logistical tie-ups.
Businesses need to maintain accounting records, not only to support their own operational needs but to cover local tax filings and regulatory reporting too. 
Whatever your needs are, we can support you.
Businesses need to maintain accounting records, not only to support their own operational needs, but to cover local tax filings and regulatory reporting too.
We can provide a full local accounting service that includes day-to-day bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and month-end and annual reporting.​
Our services can be tailored to suit your needs. You may, for example, need assistance with month-end close for group reporting using your global ERP system. Or in converting your own accounting records into a format suitable for local tax filings.​
Whatever your needs are, we can support you.
An entire ecosystem for AIF’s has been created at GIFT City IFSC to invest into Indian and International Capital markets.
Thus, managing complex and diversified portfolios of funds and managed accounts requires attention to transparency and increasingly diligent reporting. But that tends to take away from the preferred focus on analysing and selecting funds, with time spent taking care of administration and laborious reports.​
At ADI, we offer a personalised service of the highest possible quality, which includes an expert period-end process that guarantees you’ll meet your deadlines.We can perform accounting for real estate, private equity, hedge funds and fund of funds including services such as day-to-day accounting, management reporting, consolidation services, NAV calculation per fund guidelines, and financial statements preparation.
Our expert accounting teams are fully qualified to prepare fund reporting and financial statements in accordance with your required accounting standard.
By understanding your fund’s investments, as well as the effect of foreign exchange and any fees and expenses, our accounting teams can accurately calculate the net asset value of the fund for you.
Under GIFT city IFSC jurisdiction, one has to prepare audited financial statements and file the same with IFSCA authority.​​ We can provide local statutory audit services or introduce local partners who will be able to assist.​
Additionally, we can also support other elements of the audit process – drafting locally compliant financial statements; providing audit support schedules; liaising with local or group auditors; completing group reporting packs and GAAP conversion. ​
We can help you maintain your underlying books and records as part of our accounting services and can prepare locally compliant financial statements.​
Where there's an audit requirement, we can recommend auditors and support the audit process.
Apart from this we can also help with preparation of other non-statutory financial statements or reports to support bank lending, specific regulatory reports, internal reporting and audit.

Trade Finance Solutions

The export finance solutions are intended to make short-term working capital finance available to exporters at internationally comparable interest rates. Exporters have the option of availing both pre-shipment and post-shipment finance either in rupee or in foreign currency. We have arrangements with leading banks & financial institutions for facilitating Import and Export transactions.
We offer a range of export finance solutions such as purchase/discounting of export bills/letter of credit and factoring of receivables against export of goods / services
Import Financing services include deal structuring and due diligence advisory to ensure the deal is structured for your protection.

We offer a range of trade finance options from bank guarantees and letters of credit to factoring, we deliver lower-risk Import Financing solutions that will improve your profits.



Statutory &
Regulatory Compliance

With our local presence in GIFT City and network of affiliates, we can deliver an extensive suite of corporate administrative services in GIFT IFSC to ensure that your entity adheres to local legislation.​
We can help you by managing board meetings and circulating briefing documents; preparing and managing data rooms for due diligence purposes; ensuring all statutory returns and fees are submitted; drafting corporate documents and agreements; and corresponding with local authorities. ​

We assist with timely filing of submissions with IFSCA authority ensuring compliance with the regulator

The evolving business environment requires professional advice on valuation services of various types.
Be it complex business valuations, investment valuations, deals, or strategic financial decisions, our resources with multi-skilled capabilities of financial accountants and technical specialists supported by industry experts assist clients in obtaining fair valuation results for varied purposes across industries.
We undertake valuations as required for Business Modelling, Corporate Restructuring, Accounting valuations and regulatory compliances.

Corporate & Indirect Tax

ADI’s Tax Advisory team brings together seasoned tax professionals who understand the evolving and inter-related domestic and international tax requirements across multiple jurisdictions around the globe.
We serve a wide range of clients, from small and middle-market entities to large multinational groups, providing them with user-friendly, tax-effective solutions that lower their risks and maximise their opportunities.
We make sure that our clients remain fully compliant with the applicable tax laws of GIFT City IFSC, while also taking advantage of the full range of tax benefits available.


Understanding and complying with Indirect Taxation – including the application of any deductions and addressing cross-border transactions – can be extremely burdensome for businesses.
Taxes like GST & Custom duties make up an increasingly large portion of the overall tax revenues in India.
As a result, tax authorities are particularly active in enforcing GST compliance. Failure to identify indirect tax obligations in supply chains and operating models can give rise to significant financial and administrative burdens.
ADI’s Indirect Tax Advisory specialists help to navigate the complex world of Indirect Taxation. We will work with our clients to ensure their indirect tax obligations in GIFT City IFSC are managed compliantly and efficiently in all respects.
Our practical advisory areas includes:
Indirect Tax registration
Indirect Tax refund applications
Technical analysis of transactions
Tax efficient supply chain reviews
Indirect tax compliance reviews
Indirect tax examinations and audits
Import/export taxes and duties

We have necessary tie-ups with CPA firms in India and the US for supporting clients in matters pertaining to US taxation.

Tax Authority Audits

Failure to plan or seek accurate advice regarding withholding tax, can lead to suboptimal business decisions especially in the case of international jurisdictions.
​​Our team of tax experts is focused on implementing practical tax solutions to align with your operational needs.
And this can lead to avoidable tax leakage and potentially damaging ongoing financial outlays.
This includes the use of Double Tax Treaties, which overlay domestic tax laws to avoid double taxation.​
The team’s extensive knowledge and experience of tax treaties make us best placed to assist with withholding tax planning and leakage reviews, including the cross-border provision of services and financing.

Legal Services

The client shall frequently need services for preparation and drafting of business contracts for work undertaken in Gift city, IFSC.
We offer adequate support for such activity in terms of drafting relevant contracts for long-term supply arrangements; financing agreements, loan agreements, investment agreements, supplier and customer terms of business; agency and distribution contracts; franchise agreements; logistics contracts; software development; IT procurement; outsourcing contracts; and media contracts. ​From a quick sense-check to a detailed review, our tailored approach means we can provide a contract drafting & review appropriate to your budget and your risk profile.​

Our team of specialists can prepare any form of standard contract or terms for you. We can help you to make sure that you contract each time on your own terms. We prepare our standard contracts in a straightforward style that's easy to use.​


Professional & Management
Consulting Services

Advisory, guidance and operational assistance services concerning business policy and strategy and the overall planning, structuring and control of an organization.

Advisory, guidance and operational assistance services concerning decision areas which are financial in nature.

Advisory, guidance and operational assistance services concerning the marketing strategy and marketing operation of an organization.



Wealth Advisory

We understand the complex financial needs of HNIs, families and corporates, and we offer them unique products and services that can meet their requirements.
We leverage our group resources and wide industry network to craft optimal wealth management and advisory solutions to help our clients achieve their financial and strategic goals.
Our customized services are complemented by our superior execution, robust investment policy framework, rigorous due diligence process with a strong emphasis on picking future winners.

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