Gujarat Government Partners with IBM and Microsoft to Launch AI Hub in GIFT City


  • The Gujarat government is making a strategic move towards becoming a frontrunner in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • The Gujarat government’s Department of Science and Technology signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with both IBM and Microsoft.
  • This collaboration aims to establish Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) as a hub for AI innovation and development within the state.


  • Innovation Hub: The AI hub is envisioned as a center for innovation, where cutting-edge AI technologies will be developed and applied.
  • Skill Development: It aims to enhance AI skills among the local workforce through training programs and workshops, thus creating a skilled talent pool.
  • Sectoral Applications: The hub will focus on applying AI in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and smart city development to improve efficiency and service delivery.


  • Technology Expertise: IBM and Microsoft bring their global expertise in AI technologies, including machine learning, data analytics, and cloud computing, to the collaboration.
  • Support and Resources: They will provide technical support, resources, and training to local developers and businesses to accelerate AI adoption in Gujarat.


  • The establishment of the AI hub is expected to stimulate economic growth by attracting investments in AI-based startups and enterprises.
  • It will also create job opportunities in the technology sector and contribute to Gujarat’s positioning as a hub for AI innovation in India.


  • Policy Framework: The Gujarat government plans to develop a conducive policy framework to support AI initiatives and investments in the state.
  • Collaborative Ecosystem: It aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem where industry, academia, and government work together to drive AI innovation.


  • The partnership with IBM and Microsoft is part of Gujarat’s long-term vision to become a leader in adopting emerging technologies like AI.
  • It aligns with national initiatives such as Digital India and aims to leverage AI for inclusive growth and development.


  • The collaboration between the Gujarat government, IBM, and Microsoft to establish an AI hub in Gift City marks a pivotal step towards fostering technological innovation and economic growth.
  • This initiative not only aims to harness AI’s potential across various sectors but also positions Gujarat as a leading hub for AI development in India.
  • With robust support from global tech leaders and a strategic focus on skill development and sectoral applications, the AI hub is poised to drive significant advancements, creating opportunities for innovation and job creation in the state.

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