Permitting (IBCs) and (OECs) To Avail Infrastructure Services From AISP At GIFT City, IFSC

Define the word “AISP”, “IBC” and “OEC”:

“International Branch Campus” or “IBC” means: –
campus set up as a branch by a Foreign University on stand-alone basis, or in such other form as may be permitted by the Authority in the GIFT IFSC for the purpose of delivering courses including research programmes in the permissible subject areas, that are duly accredited under the relevant framework in their respective home jurisdiction, and is registered with the Authority

“Offshore Education Centre” or “OEC” means:-

shall mean a center set up as a branch by a Foreign Educational Institution (other than a Foreign University) in the GIFT IFSC on stand-alone basis or in such other form as may be permitted by the Authority for the purpose of delivering courses including research programmes in the permissible subject areas, that are duly accredited under the relevant framework in their respective home jurisdiction, and is registered with the Authority;

“Academic Infrastructure Service Providers”:-
a service provider providing services to an IBC/OEC, which shall include providing built up campus facility, research and development facility, library, laboratories, incubation centers, teaching classroom, and such other related services.


Permitting infrastructure services For IBC & OBC:

Academic Infrastructure Service Providers shall providing built up campus facility, research and development facility, library, laboratories, incubation centers, teaching classroom, and such other related services.

incidental support services:
a) Campus Facility Management services:
including services such as campus security, internet facilities, IT infrastructure, day-to-day management and maintenance of campus infrastructure facilities and other related services

b) Student onboarding, Admissions and Student Welfare services: 
including facilitating entrance examinations, student counselling, facilitating tie-ups and collaborations for hostel facilities, dorms, laundry services, canteen, recreational amenities such as sports grounds, gymnasium, parks, indoor and outdoor activities, swimming pool, necessary helpline(s) such as but not limited to information dissemination, mental health and emotional well-being and other related services.

c) Services for recruitment and management of non-academic staff:
including providing staffing solutions, recruitment and management of nonacademic staff, and other related services. Such services may also include providing necessary training and on-going management and supervision support for such non-academic staff.

d) Branding and Marketing services:
Including strategy, planning and operations for branding and marketing of courses and programmes, conducting promotional activities and awareness
campaigns, brand building activities, outreach activities through business development partners and other related services.

e) Payroll services:
Including assisting or providing end-to-end payroll services for the staff employed by the IBC and/or OEC. Necessary technical solutions for payroll
administration, compliances, benefits administration, grievance redressal and payroll management and other related services may also form part of these

f) Any other service directly or indirectly supporting or assisting the delivery of courses by IBCs and OECs in IFSC, on a case-to-case basis, upon necessary
 approval obtained by IBC and/or OEC from the Authority.

Eligibility conditions:

The IBC and/or OEC shall avail services from an AISP satisfying the following conditions:
 a) The AISP is incorporated as a separate company in GIFT SEZ;

b) The AISP have a minimum net worth of 1 million USD or equivalent for providing AIS and the same shall be maintained at all times while providing services to IBC/ OEC;

c) The AISP or any of its group company shall have at least three years of prior experience of providing similar services to recognized universities/educational
institutions in India or overseas.

Obligation of IBC/ OEC:

The IBC and/or OEC availing services from a AISP shall comply with the followings provisions:
a) The IBC or the OEC shall enter into a formal written agreement with AISP

b) The agreement shall contain provisions relating to indemnity, intellectual property protection, conflict of interest, financial guarantee, confidentiality and
privacy, force majeure, insurance, governing law & jurisdiction, dispute resolution mechanism, responsibility matrix with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities between the IBC and/or OEC and the AISP. The agreement shall also provide adequate mechanism for a smooth transition in case of its
termination or expiry ensuring that the interests of students are safeguarded

c) The IBC/ OEC shall submit a copy of the agreement to the Authority immediately after its execution and inform the Authority if such agreement is
modified or terminated for any reason before its expiry. IBC/ OEC shall however, at all times be responsible for the protection of the interest of the students or
other stakeholders, to the satisfaction of the Authority.

d) The IBC/ OEC shall provide an undertaking to the Authority that the academic functions of the IBCs and/or OECs, are not outsourced in any manner
whatsoever, to the AISP directly or indirectly.

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