SBI becomes trading-clearing member of IIBX


  • State Bank of India (SBI) has made history by becoming the first bank to join the India International Bullion Exchange (IIBX) as a Trading cum Clearing (TCM) Member.
  • SBI’s IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) can now trade on the IIBX platform, following RBI approval allowing IBUs to participate as trading and clearing members.
  • This status as Special Category Clients (SCCs) enables them to import gold through the bullion exchange.


  • Bullion refers to physical gold and silver of high purity, typically in the form of bars, ingots, or coins. It can sometimes be considered legal tender and is often held as reserves by central banks or held by institutional investors.
  • IIBX has been conceptualized to provide a gateway to import bullion into India and provide a world class bullion exchange ecosystem to promote bullion trading, investment in bullion financial products, and vaulting facilities in IFSCs.


  • SBI’s IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) Access:
         SBI’s IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) gained access to trade on the India International Bullion Exchange (IIBX) as a Trading cum             Clearing (TCM) Member, following RBI approval for IBUs to participate in IIBX activities as Special Category Clients                     (SCCs).
  • Role of IBUs at IIBX:
          IBUs can act as trading members and clearing members at IIBX, allowing them to import gold through the bullion                     exchange within the framework provided by the RBI.
  • Expected Impact on Trading Volumes:
           This move is anticipated to boost trading volumes for gold and silver at IIBX, thereby enhancing transparency and                     efficiency in India’s Bullion Market.
  • Regulation by IFSCA:
          IIBX is regulated by the International Financial Services Centers Authority (IFSCA) and is India\’s first bullion exchange              established in GIFT City IFSC.
  • Nature of Bullion Market:
           Bullion markets involve trading in precious metals like gold and silver, where transactions occur directly between                      buyers and sellers, including in the futures market (auction market). 
  • Price Influences:
          Prices of gold and silver are influenced by their versatile uses, especially in industrial applications. Bullion is often                        considered a safe investment against inflation and serves as a haven for investment diversification.
  • Role of TCMs:
         Trading cum Clearing (TCM) Members can trade on their own account and on behalf of clients, as well as clear and                 settle trades executed by themselves and other trading members who opt to use their clearing services.


  • This development is expected to boost trading activity in gold and silver at IIBX, enhancing transparency and efficiency in India’s Bullion Market.
  • This accomplishment underscores SBI’s commitment to enhancing its presence and influence within the bullion trading sector, further solidifying its position as a key player in India’s financial landscape.

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